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It’s said that on a clear West Coast day,
one can see eternity.

Stretching over 400km from south to north, the
lower West Coast of South Africa is a region of
dramatic contrast and haunting beauty, suffused
with history and bristling with the generous,
pioneering energy of the hardy souls who made
this rugged place their home.

The magic of Lutzville wines originates not just
from our location but also from our warm West
Coast character. It weaves its spell in the ageless,
surreal beauty of the solitary coast, the endless
horizons of wild flowers after the first spring rains,
and the bounty of the ocean: fresh mussels, oysters,
calamari, crayfish, abalone and line fish pulled from the
Benguela current’s cold water, prepared to golden perfection
and served with a bottle of Lutzville. It finds its truest
expression in the straightforward, generous people who live
here – people who’ll invite a stranger into their home, share
a sunset braai and a glass of wine with him, and make him a
friend for life. An experience that needs to be enjoyed first hand.

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